11 Backlinks Building Tips And Top 30 Free Backlink Sites For Blogger


What is Backlinks?

Backlinks are links Which pointed to your site from another website. The best backlink creating software we found is Backlink Bomb Seo software.

How long it will take to build quality backlinks?

Remember that growing backlinks naturally is the key.  If you build them too fast, you get penalized so a natural growth of backlinks should take about 5-6 months.  After a 5-6 month campaign a you shouldn’t have to focus that heavily on it- since they should be growing on their own. Your campaign should be a multi-pronged approach that includes at least one PRWeb press release, directory submissions (at least 300 with PR 6 or above- traffic-imagegrown slowly over -5-6 months), link bait tools (permanent homepage mashup (web app)/lead capture tool), posts comments on related blogs regularly and an automated ping service that will notify social engines and Google when content is updated for increased crawls.  The combination of those tools over a 5-6 month campaign should result in a healthy backlink number of at least 1000 new quality backlinks.  You want to grow backlinks conservatively but consistently to get the most out of their SEO value.

Here are my 11 favorite strategies to build backlinks and how a real estate or mortgage site could leverage them into quality backlinks and traffic.

1. Directory Submissions:. Directory Submission Marketing is a solid way to begin a Backlink Strategy.  Want places where you can find lists of directories?  OK, OK, here are a webmasters secrets: The Directory Archive and Best Web Directories (this is the only paid service I recommend.  Select the slow manual building method that hits 200 directories).    You really only want “Ultra-trusted directory” listings.  These “Ultra-trusted directories” typically charge for an editorial review, not a listing (meaning they can legitimately be trusted). Some of these sources I recommend are Google’s Webmaster GuidelinesDmozYahoo! DirectoryMSN bCentral andBusiness.com. There are also a bunch of real estate related directories out there that I highly recommend adding yourself to.  I may compile a list of those soon for ya’ll let me know that you want that list.

2. Parasitic link sources: You can leverage the trust of older authority sites if they allow user-generated content such as Squidoo and Wikipedia. You can add links to Squidoo and Wikipedia.

Wikipedia: Do you have a real estate -related site? Do not try to add your homepage link to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_estate or en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homes. Instead, add the deep link to your “$0 Down Home Loans Explained” page from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/0_donwn_home_loans. It’ll have a much better chance of still being there tomorrow.
Squidoo: Make your lens useful and link out to other authority sites in your niche – this will help to map your site into the neighborhood.

3. News, syndication and PR: Syndication is a wondrous thing. For those of you with blogs, you know the power of RSS feeds, for those of you without one- buy a blog!

Back to syndication: Syndicate an article at EzineArticlesGoArticlesiSnare etc. Good article sites like these actually rank highly and send highly qualified traffic. Another great resource for syndicating your real estate related article is RealEstateVoices.  Same goes for Press Releases- use an online PR firm like PRWeb or PRLeap and track who picks up your news so you can offer them exclusives in the future.

4. Social Bookmarking: Now, Social Bookmarking is a fabulous tool. “Me love you long time!” Our blogs have this super cool tool built-in which really helps drive traffic and create valuable links. Basically, people can tag your article as helpful and submit it to Yahoo!, Del.icio.usTechnorati,Digg etc. If people find the sites you tag to be interesting, emotionally engaging, or timely they may follow the trail back to your site.

5. Local Links: Your business is local, so market locally even online.  You can use services likeLocal Launch and Reach Local.  You can also join the local Chamber of Commerce, get linked on state and governmental resource sites, libraries and other local business sites. My only concern here is that the quality of the backlink might not be all that great. You do want to look at the Page Rank of the site that is linking to you as Google does care that your back links are trusted, quality sources. That being said, I still think it is a good idea.

6. Post on forums, groups and blogs. Be the expert, answer questions on Yahoo! Answers andGoogle Groups and provide relevant resource links (including one to your own site). Commenting on blogs with relevant interesting posts is another great way to drive traffic and backlinks back to your site.  Be aware that many blogs have placed “no-follow” tags on comments so you can lose some SEO value but you will pick up traffic that way.

7. Review other sites and products. Review products on Amazon.com. You can draw in direct customer enquiries and secondary links by doing this. It also recommends creating product lists on Amazon.com that review top products and also mention your background (LINK!). So, as a real estate professional, review real estate, lending or investing books.  Another great strategy is to review related sites on Alexa to draw in related traffic streams.

8. Blogs. Oh yeah, baby. We love blogs and what they can do for you. You must too, since you’re reading mine right now! Blogs drive traffic. When you blog about things people care about and you execute it all well, you will drive both back links and traffic. To help drive some initial traffic be sure to comment on other blogs and forums. You can also get involved with Technorati! Their tag pages rank well in Yahoo! and MSN, and even in Google. Even if your blog is fairly new you can have your posts featured on the Technorati tag pages by tagging your posts with relevantly. Also make sure to list your blog in a few of the best blog directories. Another perfect way to generate backlink is using Plugins, the one o a Kind WordPress Plugin, it Will Build Backlinks Automatically The Way The Search Engines Want Them. Click Here to get the great software.

9. Web 2.0 your site. This is another one we hold near and dear to our geeky little hearts. Have your developer design a few AJAX, Lightbox, or other web2.0 app that complies withwww.w3c.org standards, use social bookmarking, redesign your site with a Web 2.0 look (mirrored effect, glossy menus, frosted glass images, etc.), use CSS properly. Once you do that you can submit your site to places like www.cssbeauty.com, www.cssremix.com, www.cssvault.com and other more technical sites that look for AJAX and cool super-geek technologies. SEOmoz also runs a web 2.0 contest annually you can submit to.  For example, one of my favorite real estate blogs, Sellsius received an honorable mention last year.  So, it makes sense to pay a developer to revamp your site with web 2.0 design or add a web 2.0 application.  The reward in quality backlinks and traffic will far outweigh the cost.

10. Hold contests, enter contests. If you have some decent traffic, hold contests on your site. We’ve run some contests for Realtors and Lenders that have driven some great traffic.  If you have the skill set, enter contests. You can enter web design, web 2.0 and other real estate or web design related contests. The best thing about contests, is that if you win- you can garner some grand titles that you can use to market yourself with on your site in addition to all those useful links. I mean, what Realtor wouldn’t like to be called “the Grand Pooh-ba of Northern Florida Real Estate Blogging?”

11. Blog Carnivals. Get involved with the hottest thing in blogging today, Blog Carnivals.  According to wikipedia, a blog carnival is a blog article that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic. Blog Carnivals are often referred to as another form of viral marketing because it provides participants another way to increase traffic and gain links to their blog. Basically, a blog carnival is a type of aggregator where one “hot” industry blog displays the best of posts across the Internet on a particular topic.  It’s a great tool for introducing a blog to a community and driving substantial traffic to it.

Top 30 Free Backlinks Buiding sites For You

Resource: “Do Follow” Blog Directory

Backlink Type URL PageRank
.EDU http://sloan.ucr.edu/ 6
.EDU http://recenter.tamu.edu/links/ 6
Directory http://dir.yahoo.com/ 9
Directory http://www.dmoz.org 9
Directory http://www.stpt.com/ 8
Directory http://yahooligans.yahoo.com/ 8
Directory http://www.open-site.org 8
Directory http://www.blogwise.com/ 8
Directory http://www.bloggernity.com 7
Directory http://www.blogrankings.com 7
RSS Submission http://www.rsshugger.com 3
RSS Submission http://www.technorati.com 8
RSS Submission http://www.rss-spider.com/ 4
RSS Submission http://www.readablog.com/ 4
RSS Submission http://www.blogarama.com/ 7
RSS Submission http://www.globeofblogs.com/ 7
RSS Submission http://www.blogsearchengine.com/ 4
RSS Submission http://www.weblogalot.com/ 4
RSS Submission http://www.strategicboard.com/ 4
RSS Submission http://www.mybloglog.com 7
RSS Submission http://pingomatic.com/ 7
RSS Submission http://www.feedsfarm.com/ 5
RSS Submission http://www.rssfeeds.com/ 5
RSS Submission http://feeds2read.net/ 5
RSS Submission http://www.plazoo.com/ 6
RSS Submission http://www.jordomedia.com/ 6
RSS Submission http://www.rssbuffet.com/ 3
RSS Submission http://www.feedburner.com 8
RSS Submission http://www.feeddirectory.us/directory 8
Blog http://www.blogmaverick.com/ 6

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