5 Article Writing Tips for SEO


Online marketers know that it is vital for search engine optimization to build as many backlinks to your website as possible, and article marketing is an effective way to do that. Let’s take a look at five tips that you can use to get a ton of backlinks for your website using the power of article marketing.

1. Submit your articles to the top article Marketing directories.

Write your keyword optimized articles and submit them to the top article directories online. The link in your resource box will bring readers from your article on the directory site back to your website. Look for a list of article directories according to page rank and submit your articles to the top 5 sites according to their rank. You will get much more traffic from these sites than from the lower ranking directories.

2. Submit your articles to niche directories.

Find article directories in your niche and submit your articles there. This is a much more focused audience that is already searching for what you have to offer. You will get very targeted traffic and backlinks from these niche sites.

3. Link back to a keyword-relevant page on your website.

Rather than always linking to your home page, direct link from your article to the exact page on your website that concerns that keyword phrase. This will distribute the incoming traffic on your site rather than it always going to your home page.

4. Re-purpose your article content.

Use the content from your articles to create slide-show videos and submit them to video sharing websites with a link back to your website. This is yet another powerful way to create targeted backlinks and it also maximizes the exposure of your content and your links.

5. Submit the RSS feeds for your articles and videos to RSS directories.

Grab the RSS feeds for your articles and videos, combine them into a single feed and submit it to the top RSS directories. This will exponentially expand the number of backlinks you get from your articles.

An important SEO factor that you must focus on is developing authority. Search engines see websites with lots of relevant links pointing at it as having greater authority. Writing and submitting articles to high ranking article directories is an effective way to build those targeted, one way links that will help boost your authority and make you look more important to the search engines.

Writing and publishing articles also has the benefit of establishing you as an authority in your niche. The more articles you write and publish the more you look like a knowledgeable expert in your field.

Just remember that they keys to article marketing success are quality of your articles, the quantity of articles you submit and the consistency with which you submit them. Focus on cranking out lots of quality articles on a consistent basis and before you know it you will begin to see the results in the form of increased traffic and search engine rankings.

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