5 Awesome Free Tools for Your Affiliate Business


There are free tools that are well worth the set up and configuration. These can also save you plenty of money as opposed to buying into some software tool for hundreds of dollars. Why buy flashy tools when you got everything you need right here for free.

1) Googles Keyword Tool – There are a few very effective keyword software tools like Keyword Elite 2, but it may be out of your price range for right now. Instead the Google Adwords Tool is effective especially because it is specifically designed for webmasters to know exactly what keywords to target to get their site up in the rankings.

2) Affiliate Tracking – It is always best to know exactly what affiliate links are getting the most sales so you have a better idea of where to put them. Also you will become an expert at maximizing your own commissions.

At the Clickbank marketplace when you choose an affiliate product to promote click on the “Ad Hoplink” hyperlink beneath the product description. Add some kind of number for the affiliate tracking code so you have more leverage.

3) FTP Client – The FTP client I recommend most is Filezilla because it cannot be any easier to upload themes, pictures, or WordPress plugins to your affiliate site or blog.

4) Google Analytics – Create an account at Google if you do not already have one. Then go to Manage Account and click on analytics. Add your sites URL then copy and paste the code they give you somewhere in the html code of your site.

5) Affiliate Link Cloaker – This is not an actual tool but is more of a method of doing this. Why would you want to cloak your affiliate links? Simply because affiliate marketers have more success when their visitors don’t see some random code in the address box once they click through.

Anybody who is internet savvy will just remove it and buy without credit to your account. Does not take that long and is well worth it. You can also use affiliate tracking for this.

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