5 Powerful Link Building Strategies


When you have an affiliate site that has plenty of quality content you are going to need plenty of targeted traffic so you can make some money out of it. The best traffic source is of course the search engines or just google.

That is why backlinks are the key to any successful affiliate business since they are the deciding factor of who gets the number one spot on google.

By using backlink strategies like these you can expect a great boost in your rankings and that leads to great success. So try to follow a few of them each and every day once your site has plenty of content.

Build Links, Rank High, and Make Money.

1) Submit articles. The top article directories are Ezine Articles and Go Articles. I would also consider finding blogs or sites related to your sites market and see if they do guest posting.

Make sure that the articles you submit are always well structured. That way other publishers can take your article and post on their site for extra backlinks.

2) Comment on blogs and forums. It is best to comment on blogs and forums that allow the google spiders to follow. I use a free tool called DoFollow Diver to find blogs like these.

Type that into the google search box and you will find it on the first result. Post quality comments so they get approved by the webmaster.

3) Submit your site to directories. This can get expensive but there are a bunch of free directories you can submit to. For every affiliate site you create you should always make sure there is plenty of content and no affiliate links yet.

Submitting to the open directory at Dmoz.org is a must. It is free and has a page rank 8 which is very valuable.

4) Make youtube videos for your site. If you have at least one backlink from youtube then this is powerful since google owns them and it is pretty rare for a site to have a link from youtube which has a page rank 9.

It could just be you talking for a couple minutes or you can invest a little money in a tool that lets you do on-screen videos with text or whatever.

5) Join the warrior forum. This is the affiliate marketers hangout spot. The big reason why everyone loves it is because it is free to sign up and there are always some great deals especially for high valued backlinks.

It is very rare to get scammed since the guys who give deals have to pay some money to have offers anyway. If you want the highest quality links like from high page ranked sites or links from .edu sites then there are always cheap deals going on.

So these are some of the best backlink strategies there is. Always keep in mind that you should mix and match. Having a variety of backlinks is what search engines like google love to see.

Many affiliate marketers will buy links instead but if you ever decide to do this then you need to be careful because some are not worth the money while others are highly effective for your affiliate business.

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