5 Ways Affiliate Marketing is Like a Day Job


You always read or hear about how affiliate marketing is much different from a regular day job working 9-5 but to be honest it is not that different if you look at the similiarities.

1) There is actual work involved. Who knows maybe you got away with doing nothing at work. But yes there is a lot of hard work involved depending on how much you want to succeed. Also keep in mind that the more money you make, the more responsiblity you will have.

Sure you might not have anybody around to pat you on the back for everything you do right but you still get a good feeling inside.

2) You might actually hate it. Affiliate marketing is not for everybody. You might find it more frustrating and stressful thanĀ a “real job”. Heck you might of had jobs that you loved for all of the benefits and financial security.

There are companies out there that are great to work for. Not everybody hates ther boss. It could get sickening after a while.

3) You do indeed work for somebody. Maybe not directly but you do work for the vendor of the products you are promoting. Also the affiliate network you signed up for pays you so you work for them as well.

But it sure does not feel like it. On top of that they cannot fire you as long as you abide by the rules which are much less likely to be broken. But you never know.

4) Being good at multitasking is a big plus. There are a lot of different things you must do and keep track of when running an affiliate business.

Some things are keeping track of what affiliate links are converting, link building, creating high quality content for your visitors, and the most important part which is making sure you over deliver to your potential customers. Without them none of this would be possible.

5) There is the risk of not making money. At a job it would be getting fired. In the affiliate business it would be just not converting sales. You might not be converting any visitors to sales with your campaigns or affiliate sites.

At a 9-5er you might not be doing your job well so there is the risk of getting fired. No matter what you will always need to do work to keep the cash flow going for the essential things.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a carpenter there is always a job that needs to be fulfilled. Yes, even in marketing. People would love to solve a problem they are having and need somebody who will help them out for free in most cases. Then they will take you up on your recommendation to whatever affiliate product you are promoting.

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