7 Reasons Why You Fail as an Affiliate Marketer


The affiliate business is not the easiest business to break into. But with time and effort you can succeed just like all the super affiliates have already. Here is a list of all the things you should avoid to reach that success.

1) You don’t know what you are doing. It is really not complicated once you understand how everything works. But it really helps to keep reading affiliate guides and articles on the subject. That way you have a much better idea of how to make it work and you actually succeed.

2) You let the rich gurus get to you. Many of us have been to sales pages where the webmasters basically brag about how much money they make and how easy it is since they do nothing all day.

No matter what they say it actually does take a lot of work and effort before you can get to the point where they are. After you set everything up and had success then you can put your business on auto pilot and make money without a lot of work.

3) You let the naysayers get to you. Has anybody ever told you that affiliate marketing or making money online is a big scam? It is not. If you truly want to become a successful affiliate then don’t listen to them. A lot of people are making money online even as you read this.

4) Your affiliate site is not getting targeted traffic. The best traffic source is and always will be from the search engines or just google. In order to get targeted traffic you need to pick a niche within a niche.

When you do keyword research you should be targeting a keyword that does not have a lot of competition but also gets around 3,000 searches a month. The more specific the keyword is, the more targeted the traffic will be.

5) The traffic is not converting. Preselling is always the biggest reason why affiliate marketers fail. Remember, in order to presell your visitors you need to OVERDELIVER. You do this by providing high quality content that caters to your visitors needs. You are trying to work with them not against them.

6) Your affiliate product is not doing well. Sometimes the affiliate product you chose to promote does not convert well. It could be because your affiliate site is on a different topic or the sales page just does not do a good job of selling.

This is when you should use your common sense and go check out the sales page for yourself to see if it will be a hit.

7) You are too lazy. Just because you have the convenience to work from home does not mean you can be lazy. At least not yet. No matter what you hear or read making money in any business, not just the affiliate business, will always require hard work. Stop procrastinating and take action. You hear it all the time.

If you feel you must get motivated first then watch some inspirational movies. Or maybe just visualize how sweet it would be to make money from home and not have to work at some job you don’t like.

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