7 Steps to Creating a Successful Affiliate Site


Want to make a very profitable affiliate site? Most successful affiliate marketers always have some kind of blueprint they follow whether it is in some popular affiliate guide like google sniper or something they whipped up from experience.

Regardless of that there are always guidelines you should follow to get a clear idea that this affiliate site you create will bring in a lot of affiliate commissions.

1) Research. Generally there are three ares of research you should follow before even thinking about building a cash sucking affiliate site. They are market, keyword, and product research.

Think of a topic you know and love or are at least interested in. Then find products on your topic by going to a solid affiliate network.

Once you have a great niche market and a product you want to promote you can do your keyword research. Use a free keyword tool like the google adwords tool for accurate results.

2) Set up your affiliate site. Now it is time to register your domain name and decide on what you are going to create your affiliate site with. Installing a wordpress blog is a great start since the search engines love wordpress blogs especially if it is hosted on a paid hosting account.

There are other options to creating your affiliate site like using a website creation tool that makes the whole process extremely easy to use.

3) Create high quality content. Not only does your content need to please the search engines for great rankings but it also needs to presell your visitors for maximum affiliate sales.

You should load up your content not with your main keyword but with a variety of variations and synonyms. At the same time your content needs to be high quality to your visitors so you develop trust with them.

4) Get targeted traffic to your site. It is better to have 100 targeted visitors than 10,000 untargeted visitors. You need to make sure that your visitors are interested in your site and what you have to offer which is free valuable content.

Getting traffic through the search engines is the best traffic strategy so you might need some backlinks as well.

5) Build valuable links to your affiliate site. High valued links would come from sites that are related to your topic and have a high pagerank. Page rank is how google rates sites on a scale of 0-10.

Also the more backlinks you have the more traffic you get from those links. Submitting articles to the top directories is a great start. Then there is forum posting and DoFollow blog commenting.

6) Presell your traffic. If you already created high quality content then chances are your visitors will trust you and therefore trust your recommendations. Help them out by recommending a great affiliate product that you know can help them out.

Tip: Use in-context affiliate links so your visitors do not feel like they are being sold to until they reach the merchants page which is natural.

7) Rinse and repeat. After you have gone through all the hard work with the steps above you could build another affiliate site if you wanted. It could be in the same market but target different keywords.

Always keep in mind the amount of opportunity that is on the internet. Affiliate marketing is full of it.

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