7 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Affiliate Site


There are a lot of ways to get interested visitors to your site. Some may be more effective than others but everybody is different and finds some tactics more effective than others.

Always remember that to convert sales you must be getting targeted traffic, not just a bunch of visitors who leave your site after a minute. Here are the techniques.

1) Uploading videos to youtube. This is the most overlooked way of getting a steady flow of traffic. The beautiful thing about videos is that you can be very creative or you can just keep things simple and post one with you talking about something related to your niche.

Always remember to let your audience know to click on your link in the description to really get more visitors. It does not have to be long. You can also use a tool like Camtasia to do onscreen videos.

2) Social Bookmarking. This is really easy with blogs because you can have links for the readers to click on to get the word out about an article you wrote. It can be tough at first if you do not have a lot of visitors but using heavy sites like twitter and facebook can bring you plenty of interested readers.

3) Signing up for blog networks. A great blog network is My Blog Log loaded with daily visitors. Seek out other people interested in the same topic and connect with them.

4) Article marketing. Of course submitting high quality articles to directories like Ezine Articles and Go Articles will get you targeted traffic. Not only that but the link power you get for your site is very effective.

Just make sure you have eye-catching titles and provide helpful content. Also be sure to tell the readers to click on your link for more information on the subject. Make them quality. You never know, your article could get published on a bunch of authority sites.

5) Use web 2.0 sites. The biggies are Squidoo and Hubpages. The great thing about them is that they are like blogs with a high page rank. So you can be sure you will rank high in the search engines if you target the right keywords. Make sure you keep updating your lense or hub page frequently so it gets very good ratings for even more targeted traffic.

6) Posting on forums. Make sure you provide a solid response to whatever the thread is about. You do not want to seem like some marketing guru who just wants a back link for your site. They hate advertising but as long as you actually contribute to the discussion plenty of readers will click through.

7) Search engine traffic. Of course I am going to include this tactic. It is and always will be the most effective way to get highly targeted traffic to your site. I should actually just say from Google but you never know when your site will rank high on Yahoo or Bing.

The way to rank well in the search engines will always remain the same. Provide excellent content loaded with related keywords. Have everything well optimized on the pages with a ton of high quality back links and your rankings will soar.

Putting it all together. I know most of you will probably just focus on article marketing and ranking high on Google but going beyond the basics like using youtube can really surprise you. Try to combine at least 3 of these techniques to bring a wave of targeted traffic to your site for plenty of affiliate sales.

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