7 Ways to Get Your Affiliate Site Banned from the Search Engines


Of course as an affiliate marketer you want your website to rank as high on the search engines as possible. But a lot of affiliate marketers and internet marketers in general tend to step into risky territory.

Why? Because we all want results faster without much effort. Or to put it another way. We are lazy. Here are 7 strategies you should be careful of if you do not want your site banned from the search engines.

1) Keyword spamming. Stuffing your main keyword in your content seems like a great idea since google needs to know what your site is about. But now search engines are smarter and the days of doing this are over.

An affiliate tip: Don’t focus on keyword density because you will not find a lot of success by counting how many keywords you have. Instead include related keywords in your content and your main keyword in the vital spots like headings, titles, and the description of your affiliate site.

2) Buy a ton of backlinks. There is a whole business around backlink building and affiliate marketers are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the hopes that it will improve their affiliate business overnight.

The truth is that when google and other search engines see that a new affiliate site has hundreds of backlinks then your site will be put on the waiting list or not even exist as far as they are concerned. Stick to a realistic link building plan for the long term success of your affiliate business.

3) Use cloaking. There are many affiliates who will try being sneaky by hiding keywords from their visitors so that they are only visible to the search engines.

You could do this a few different ways but the most common way is making the keywords the same color as the background which sticks out like a sore thumb through the eyes of google. Be careful not to do this with your affiliate sites.

4) Redirect pages. This is when you set up a domain name that redirects to another page like a sales page. To clarify this I am talking about having your reidrect domain name actually rank in the search engines and have it actually be an affiliate link.

You can of course do this like with bum marketing since article directories like Ezine Articles allow this for now.

5) Guilty by association. Once again the search engines are smarter and can catch a site that is doing link exchanges to obvious sources.

This is when your affiliate site links to some other sites that have high value but are loaded with out bound links to other sites and link to yours. Too much of this will raise the red flags on your site.

6) Duplicate content. You need to always make sure that your content is unique and not ripped off from somewhere else. If you decide to copy and paste a great article from somewhere else you need to have the authors consent.

You can definitely pick up articles from article directories but you need to include their back link to their site in order for you to not to get banned.

7) Tell your visitors where to click. This is actually more for those affiliate marketers that use google adsense on their site. By telling your visitors to click on one of the google ads to make more money your affiliate site will be gone before you know it.

Instead just make sure you monetize your site well enough so it follows the guidelines for the search engines while still making you plenty of money.

The search engines control the internet, there is no doubt about it since they are the best sources for targeted traffic. So in order to have your affiliate business thrive you need to work with them, not against them. That way everybody wins.

Just remember to…

  • Have a variety of keywords.
  • Be careful of who you link to.
  • Create unique content frequently.
  • Don’t try and be sneaky.

And you will be fine.

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