8 Link Building Mistakes


If you are now running a website, you must be known the importance of link building for a website or weblog. The link means backlink, it’s a link which pointed to your website or web page from internal or external pages. An SEO guru just ponited out 8 link building mistakes should be avoid when Optimized your sites.

Mistake no. 1:Ignore the internal links. As an SEO expert study said, it’s easy to get reach to PR3 or PR4 for a high internal-optimized websites without external backlinks.

Mistake no. 2:You must have “relevant” links in the same niche as your website or they don’t count or you will get penalized in some way by Google.

That is another mistake that gets passed around a lot. Sure, it’s good to have relevant links and Google recommends it, but links that are not “relevant” also count.

Mistake no. 3If you build more than two links a day, you will be penalized by Google.

As far as being penalized if you build links too fast, you’d have to have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of the same kind of links to have that happen. “Natural Linkbuilding” happens every day. How many links do you think I’d get TODAY if I had some sort of breaking news about US President Obama or his wife, Michelle? What if I knew something about his background that no one else knew?

Mistake no. 4Failing to Use Anchor Text

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when building links is using anchor text such as, “click for more” or “click to continue.” Anchor text is used to tell search engine what your website is or what your link talking about, so make sure to use anchor text that contains relevant target keywords.

Mistake no.5: I can’t see my backlinks in SEO Elite, Yahoo Site Explorer, or some other “Backlink Checker” tool, so they don’t count.

This is as FAR from the truth as you can get. The “backlink checker tools”, including Yahoo Site Explorer, take some time to show the links. The backlinks help your site LONG before they ever show up in a backlink checker tool. Some links take up to three months to show in these tools, but Google will “see” them almost immediately.

Mistake no.6: Myth Number 4: I have to vary my keywords, or Google will think I am doing a “Google Bomb” and I will be penalized.

I do not recommend varying your keywords.

Mistake no.7: Google is going to start penalizing the people are all putting their links on the same sites.

People don’t realize just how big the Internet is. So, don’t mention it.

Mistake no.8: Low Pagerank sites are not worth wasting time on.

If you’d like to make your site look natural to the Search Engines, especially Google, you’d be better count the low pr site in, or else…

As a conclusion: Try your best to build your backlinks on any kind of sites with relevant anchor text, as fast as possible.

All the 8 link building mistakes were listed, thanks for your commenting.

Enjoy the article and, any suggestions are appreciate.

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