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CW Training Institute is thriving to produce a very highly skilled human resource in the upcoming technology sector especially for information technology to prosperous for individuals/corporate sectors in the technology sector by competing the international day by day undergoing changes.

At CW not only we provide the trainings related to information technology but beyond other management, administrative, healthcare and other important areas. CW is planning to open its offices in other areas as well in near future to reach the unreach.

We also offer custom trainings at corporate level till individuals according their requirements. All training courses at CW are developed and delivered by certified experts from industry. Objectives of these courses are aimed to cover theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subjects. Further these course outlines are supplemented by especially designed courseware. CW being IT Academy offer courses based on the most renowned industry leaders like Microsoft, PMI, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, PHP and RedHat etc.

CW is the only training institute that has faculty from well-known industry leaders with ample years of practical experience; hence sharing the actual experiences faced from day to day practices.

One of the major and core area of CW is the Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance using manual and different automation test tools. CW’s main objective is to be known for the quality concerned institute to inject quality in the products and services across the Information Technology.

Moreover we facilitate our customers by conducting seminars in state of the art infrastructures with some recreational activities to keep concentration focused. We are planning to be one of the few pro-metric testing centers in our area. We are focusing to help our customers prepare and appear for the certifications in their opted areas to get maximum marks in the international certification exams.

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CrossWebz Training Institute is training division of CrossWebz (Pvt.) Ltd. It was established in 2005 to produce highly skilled human resource in latest tools and technologies for IT industry of Pakistan. To achieve this objective CrossWebz has developed professional training centers in Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Future plans of CrossWebz include establishing similar training centers in other cities of Pakistan i.e. Faisalabad, Multan and Karachi.

CrossWebz  not only offer public course at its training institutes but also provide custom training to corporate customers according to their requirements. All training courses at CrossWebz are developed and delivered by certified experts from industry. Contents of the courses are designed to cover theoretical as well as practical aspect of the subject. These courses are also supplemented by especially designed courseware. CrossWebz being Microsoft IT Academy also offer courses based on Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC).

CrossWebz , the only Microsoft IT Academy for advance courses in Punjab, has trained more than five thousand IT & management professionals who are working in different public and private sector companies of Pakistan. A large number of CrossWebz students have achieved international certifications by technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, RedHat, Sun Microsystems and PMI. Several CrossWebz students got 100% marks in these international certification exams.

CrossWebz  has been honored with “Brand of the Year Award 2009” in “IT Training Category” by Brands Award Council of Pakistan. This award is recognition of “CrossWebz Professional Training Institute” as the most demanding and credible professional IT training institute. This award is endorsed by Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO) and also supported by Ministry of Industries and Production, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan.

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