The Difference Between Quality Control, Testing And Quality Assurance?


A lot of companies and peoples are really confused on the difference between quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), and testing. They are closely related, but they are different concepts. Since all three are necessary to effectively manage the risks of developing and maintaining software, it is important for software managers to understand the differences. They are defined below:

  • Quality Assurance: A set of activities designed to ensure that the development and/or maintenance process is adequate to ensure a system will meet its objectives.
  • Quality Control: A set of activities designed to evaluate a developed work product.
  • Testing: The process of executing a system with the intent of finding defects. (Note that the “process of executing a system” includes test planning prior to the execution of the test cases.)

QA activities ensure that the process is defined and appropriate. Methodology and standards development are examples of QA activities. A QA review would focus on the process elements of a project – e.g., are requirements being defined at the proper level of detail. In contrast, QC activities focus on finding defects in specific deliverables – e.g., are the defined requirements the right requirements. Testing is one example of a QC activity, but there are others such as inspections. Both QA and QC activities are generally required for successful software development.

Controversy can arise around who should be responsible for QA and QC activities — i.e., whether a group external to the project management structure should have responsibility for either QA or QC. The correct answer will vary depending on the situation, but Mosaic’s experience suggests that:

  • While line management should have the primary responsibility for implementing the appropriate QA, QC and testing activities on a project, an external QA function can provide valuable expertise and perspective.
  • The amount of external QA/QC should be a function of the project risk and the process maturity of an organization. As organizations mature, management and staff will implement the proper QA and QC approaches as a matter of habit. When this happens only minimal external guidance and review are needed.

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How To Create Your PMP Exam Brain Dump Sheet


The Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam is a ‘closed’ book exam, the only reference material you are allowed to carry into the testing facility has to be contained in your brain. PMP expert Cornelius Fichtner explains how to create an exam brain dump sheet as an effective way of getting reference material into the testing facility with you.

How To Create Your PMP Exam Brain Dump Sheet

Project Management Professional

There’s no better catalyst for self realization than taking the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam. I’m kidding you, of course, but there is some truth in that the PMP exam day will illuminate that “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

The PMP Exam is a ‘closed’ book exam. That means the only reference material you are allowed to carry into the testing facility has to be contained in your brain. But during your exam, your brain is going to be very busy interpreting the exam questions and trying to apply all of the knowledge, skills and principles you’ve accumulated in your studies and work experience.

If you haven’t already, you should go for a visit to the local testing facility where you’ll take your exam and confirm what to expect. Most likely, on your exam day, the exam monitor will check you into the testing facility, hand you six or so sheets of scratch paper and two pencils, then show you to your seat and confirm that your PC is working. Then you’ll have about 15 minutes to go through a tutorial that really only takes about 5 minutes to do. Then you begin your exam.

During the test, reminding what you do know can be disheartening. Quite openly, some of your ability to access that knowledge is going to appear misplaced in the midst of your grey cells. So how do you produce the best openings to pass the PMP Exam that day? You can now use the 15 minutes you don’t need from the training material time to do Brain Dumps!

What Actually are Brain Dumps?

A brain dump is a method used by many learners on closed book exams to create their personal mini orientation table. Brain dumps are short forms of components and thoughts, which you have committed to memory and are then dropped out on to sheets of paper preceding to the exam for reference.

Brain dump contains just sufficient key concepts, theories, formulas and material, which will exercise your remembrance. By having the data on your brain dump, your brain can spotlight on the queries at hand rather than trying to memorize the procedure required answering the queries. It is used to guide you to be in the required position particular to each query.

What Actually Into Brain Dumps?

A Brain Dump is only as good as the excellence and measure of information that you can tip out on the piece(s) of paper very soon before you start your PMP exam. They hold the formulas, theory, concepts and PMP-isms that you may otherwise not remember for an instant at the very moment when you require it the commonly.

Here is what you can often find as part of a PMP Exam Brain Dump:

• Table 3-1 of the PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition

• Formulas, such as earned value, PERT, communication channels, procurement, probability, project selection and depreciation

• Values, such as 1, 2 and 3 sigma and estimate ranges

• Acronyms, such as BAC or TCPI
• Powers of a project manager
• Herzberg’s motivators
• Sources of conflict (setting order of priority)
• Conflict resolution (best to worst)

• Project closing check list


What is The Best Way To Study a Brain Dump?

Brain dumps have to be memorized. As part of your exam preparation, exercises and studying, go ahead and exercise attempting the content of your brain dump to memorize and then write down them out onto a empty sheet of paper on a daily and regular basis.

You should practice the brain dumps for every day in the morning until you’re contented with your daily progress. By the closing of the initial week you should be capable to write out your own brain dump in its entirety on the primary go.

Then keep on dumping it on a regular daily basis, going back to the daily schedule in the two weeks leading up to your exam.

What IS the Key of Creating My PMP Exam Brain Dump Sheet?

To develop and read your very own, customized PMP Exam Brain Dumps is a source to finish in itself. It all starts with developing the information that goes into it by getting to learn your feeble areas as you organize for the exam. Then you remember, you dump and you recur. Pretty soon what seemed too complex to remember is at the front of your information.

So the top secret is that you will speed up your study and information only by going in the course of the motions of creating, studying and knowing what’s on your modified brain dump.

Your PMP Exam Brain Dump is big tools not that allow you pass your position material into the testing facility, in addition meaningful the information you need is on hand as you come across queries that require it can considerably cut down the stress factor. Creating your personalized brain dump helps you learn the material as you study for your PMP exam which gives you an important edge in passing.





First step – get your site submitted to the search engines and directories

1 If you do not already have one, create a site map in the appropriate formats (xml & text)
2 Submit your Website URL plus Site Map To Google Webmaster Tools
3 Submit your Website URL plus Site Map To Yahoo
4 Submit your site to DMOZ
5 You may want to submit your site to the Yahoo Directory but note that it is not a free service
6 If you operate a blog, register your blog at
7 Use sites you already own and add a link to the new site


Strong backlinks


Here are a number of ideas that will help you create both quantity and quality backlinks and market your website. This list was originally created as a checklist to help us market our own sites but has simply evolved over time.  

You do not have to implement every section, but do think about participating in as many as possible. Click the link for more information on each section. If you have any question feel free to contact us.

1 Directory Submission Submit your site to directories & search engines
2 RSS Feeds Create RSS Feeds and submit your RSS feeds to aggregators
3 Article Distribution Distribute articles to article directories
4 Remote Blogs Create additional content pages on remote blogs
5 Blog Posting Find related blogs and submit comments
6 Authority Sites Find the most respected, authority sites on the net and add a comment, post or profile.
7 Blog Carnival Similar to a magazine, blog carnivals are a collection of posts
8 Forum Posting Find related forums and participate
9 Collaborative Content Ask and/or answer questions on information based sites
10 Social Bookmarking Submit your site to social bookmarking sites
11 Link Networks Submit posts to blog networks.
12 Press Releases Submit a press release
13 Classified Ads Create promotional classified ads
14 Video Sharing Share your video with others
15 Create a Podcast Create audio files that can be submitted to podcast directories
16 Software Distribution Distribute software to software directories
17 Social Networking Profiles Create a profile at social networking sites 

Strong backlinks





About Backlinks: The Success Key to Search Engine Traffic

SEO Backlinks


Statistics lead that more than 95% of business on internet are not successfull. SEO (search engine optimization) experts will inform you backlinks re one the most significant factors in a website’s success. Having wellborn backlinks pointing directly to your site is acute to how often search engine interchange Google will bare your way.

Considering this, what is a backlink? All of us change have net articles that person clickable language highlighted in naughty or many different ways.  By double-clicking on the highlighted language, you are connecting to a antithetic webpage. This is called a hyperlink. Similar a hyperlink, a backlink connects one website to added. Backlinks are also called ingoing course, in course, innermost course, and inward links.

Google and different explore engines excogitate each backlink as a popularity vote for your website. The statesman popularity votes, the higher your writer rank. The higher the attendant status, the higher the activity engine ranking. The higher the search engine superior, the much traffic. Consequently, many reciprocation agency much money for your website if it is monetized.


ypes of BacklinksAlthough backlinks are important, some backlinks are more important than others. Three types of backlinks are:

  • One-way links. One site links to another without a reciprocal link in return. Google values these links the most.
  • Reciprocal links. Two websites link to each other.
  • Three-way links. Three or more websites link to each other. This is also called a webring.

One-way links are considered the most valuable. In these cases, a webmaster is linking to your site because he/she finds the site valuable. Reciprocal and three-way links are not as valuable since they are associated more with fraud. Therefore, if you use a reciprocal or three-way link, all links need to be relevant.

How to Get Backlinks

Now that we understand backlinks, how do we get them? Remember in high school Economics when they taught “there are no free lunches?” The same is true for backlinks. Regardless of the methods you employ to acquire backlinks, all of them are hard work.

To increase your search engine rank and page rank, you need to have more quality links than your competitors. Quality back links have relevancy and page rank. The backlinks should be relevant to the site’s content. For instance, if your website is about is about diabetes, a backlink from a site on car parts is not relevant. Furthermore, when a site has a higher page rank, it is deemed to have more authority. Thus, it is a more valuable vote for your website. Some ways of acquiring quality backlinks are:

  • Quality content. Over and over again, SEO experts will tell you if you write quality content, other websites will naturally want to link to your site. Although this is true, it is harder to attract backlinks if your site is new and has minimal traffic. Therefore, if you want to increase your search engine rank and traffic, you need to employ other methods too.
  • Social bookmarks. Social bookmarks are a website that stores and organizes your favorite webpages for your own purposes and to share with others. Through the use of the site’s search engine, tagged or keyword content, and user rankings, your webpages not only receive a backlink but they gain exposure to other social bookmark members. Some examples of social bookmarks are Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Furl, Reddit, and Propellor. Just remember, when you are submitting your own webpages, be sure to submit other webpages too. Otherwise, the sites will view you as spamming.
  • Other relevant websites. Contact other theme-related websites and ask if they would like to link to your website. This may be difficult since webmasters may not be as likely to give backlinks since it has no benefit to them.
  • Article directories. An article directory is a website that contains a wide vareity of articles submitted by authors and businesses. When submitting an article, you can link back to your website. However, when you submit an article, do not submit the exact article on your website. The article will need to be rewritten. Otherwise, Google will consider it duplicate content. Some of the more popular article directories are: Ezine and Goarticles.
  • Forum posts and blog comment posts. When you post on a forum, be sure your website’s url is attached to your signature. Furthermore, post relevant and helpful comments. Otherwise, you comment will be considered spamming. In this case, spamming is where you comment only to promote your website.
  • Yahoo Answers. When answering a request for YahooAnswers, you can leave a link pointing back to your website or webpage if your comment is relative to your site.
  • Social Networking. A social network is community of online users where you can make connections with other members and/or share interests. Through listing your website on your profile page, your website is exposed to new people, and they may link to you. Some examples of these are Facebook, Classmates, and Myspace,
  • Linkbaiting – Linkbaiting is a style of writing where your article is so useful to readers that they will want to link to the article.

Backlinks to Avoid

Although backlinks are important, it pays to be selective when acquiring them. Just as there are good backlinks, there are also bad links. Google does not penalize a website for inbound links since you have not control, however, they can penalize you for your outbound links. Some examples of backlinks to avoid are:

  • Bad neighborhoods. Bad neighborhoods are websites that try use unethical practices to increase their rank or harm your website. If you have too many links to these type of sites, you are penalized. Just like the cliche, Google assumes birds of a feather flock together. Some examples of bad neighborhoods are: sites with a large amount of spyware or malware, or sites with illegal material.
  • Scraper sites. Websites that use an automated means to take content off other websites without permission or giving credit for the work.
  • Link farms. A link farm is a website that has many irrelevant links for the purpose of building page rank.
  • Sites with all back links having high PRs. Your site should have a few lower page rank sites too.Otherwise, the search engines think all the links are being bought or intentionally sought to increase your page rank. Google wants to backlinks given because the other site thinks your content is helpful to their own site.
  • Too many reciprocal links – Reciprocal links don’t look as natural as one-way links.
  • Too many back links when the website or webpage is new. – It takes time for a new site to build up traffic. Consequently, if your site is new, how would you get so many backlinks in the beginning if they were natural. Search engines may be suspicious of the linking activity. The site may be connected with a link farm.
  • Websites that host their links on a separate link page. Separate link pages are viewed less valuable than contextual links within the body of a content page with key word anchor text.
  • Links with the same description. The descriptions should be varied. If the descriptions are varied, the search engines will think it is the webmasters themselves who chose to display your links.


If you want your website to succeed, backlinks are crucial. Quality backlinks mean a higher page rank and more money. Since natural backlinks are given because the linking website finds the information on your site helpful to their readers and relevant to their information, it is very imporatant that the backlinks are relevant and look natural. Although it is understandable that a website will seek as many backlinks as possible, anything that doesn’t look relelvant or natural will appear to be manipulated.

Because of all the unspoken rules, acquiring backlinks can be hardwork, but, it is well worth the effort. However, while you’re trying to build backlinks, keep in mind, the quality of the backlinks are even more important than the quantity. Therefore, if you want to succeed, be selective in your link-building compaign. Two of the most important factors in SEO are writing quality content and acquiring quality backlinks.

Over 1399 High Pagerank Easy Backlinks


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Free Article Submit Site List


Article submission is one of the most popular ways to get relevant backlinks. Although the process of creating 100’s of articles may be daunting and time consuming, you can get agood amount of backlinks with a well written article. But make sure you optimize your article around the keywords you want to rank for. Also, include your keyword in your anchor text. Note: Be sure to follow the guidelines for each article directory.

Search Warp Writers’ Community

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Free Online Articles Directory

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5 Article Writing Tips for SEO


Online marketers know that it is vital for search engine optimization to build as many backlinks to your website as possible, and article marketing is an effective way to do that. Let’s take a look at five tips that you can use to get a ton of backlinks for your website using the power of article marketing.

1. Submit your articles to the top article Marketing directories.

Write your keyword optimized articles and submit them to the top article directories online. The link in your resource box will bring readers from your article on the directory site back to your website. Look for a list of article directories according to page rank and submit your articles to the top 5 sites according to their rank. You will get much more traffic from these sites than from the lower ranking directories.

2. Submit your articles to niche directories.

Find article directories in your niche and submit your articles there. This is a much more focused audience that is already searching for what you have to offer. You will get very targeted traffic and backlinks from these niche sites.

3. Link back to a keyword-relevant page on your website.

Rather than always linking to your home page, direct link from your article to the exact page on your website that concerns that keyword phrase. This will distribute the incoming traffic on your site rather than it always going to your home page.

4. Re-purpose your article content.

Use the content from your articles to create slide-show videos and submit them to video sharing websites with a link back to your website. This is yet another powerful way to create targeted backlinks and it also maximizes the exposure of your content and your links.

5. Submit the RSS feeds for your articles and videos to RSS directories.

Grab the RSS feeds for your articles and videos, combine them into a single feed and submit it to the top RSS directories. This will exponentially expand the number of backlinks you get from your articles.

An important SEO factor that you must focus on is developing authority. Search engines see websites with lots of relevant links pointing at it as having greater authority. Writing and submitting articles to high ranking article directories is an effective way to build those targeted, one way links that will help boost your authority and make you look more important to the search engines.

Writing and publishing articles also has the benefit of establishing you as an authority in your niche. The more articles you write and publish the more you look like a knowledgeable expert in your field.

Just remember that they keys to article marketing success are quality of your articles, the quantity of articles you submit and the consistency with which you submit them. Focus on cranking out lots of quality articles on a consistent basis and before you know it you will begin to see the results in the form of increased traffic and search engine rankings.

What if there was a way that you could automate your article marketing? Find out how when you visit,, today and discover how to generate a ton of traffic and backlinks at the push of a button.

Best Backlink Strategies for SEO


Backlinks can make or break websites, blogs, and internet articles. Backlinks are URL links on the internet that take people from the site they are on to another site. Without them, peop

le might chance upon a site or article, but they would not necessarily be driven to it. However, a good backlink also helps to move a link closer to the top of the search engines so that people will find a site easier. Backlinks are the bread and butter of internet marketing.

Not all backlinks are created equal, though. Some can be useless if they do not attract people back to a particular site. Some could even hurt search engine ranking. So how do people know if a backlink is good or not? Find out the basics of backlinking. Find out what makes them good and be on the way to getting the best backlinks and maximizing traffic.

The Type and Presentation of the Backlink Matters

Use “do follow” links. Backlinks are either “do follow” or “no follow.” No follow links are good but will not help in search results. There are a couple ways to tell if a link is “do follow” or “no follow.” Firefox has a “NoDoFollow” add on that highlights “do follow” links. Also, clicking on View and Source will show the page code to see if “no follow” is written in the code after the link.

Top 3 Tips to Get Google Backlink


3 Easy Ways to Get Google Backlink

Without any traffic, your business doesn’t get any visitors. That is exactly why all websites that want to be successful need Google backlink. I’ll be telling you 3 easy ways to get Google backlink to your site.

1. Article marketing is a good habit to get into because it helps you get Google backlink. Article marketing can get you traffic to your website instantly. Remember to make sure you put the correct anchor text keyword link in your resource box.

2. Posting on blogs and forums help expose your sites and easily get some visitors. Be sure to put 3-4 links in your signature with enticing titles to catch their sight and make them wonder what your site is about so they click it.

3. Submitting your articles and blogs to blog directories and ezine article submission websites.

Here are the 3 easiest ways to get traffic and Google backlink to your site.

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