Does Your Affiliate Site Really Need Search Engine Traffic?


It is the most common way to get as much targeted traffic to our sites as we can handle. It is not always easy ranking high enough on the search engines to get enough traffic. But there are other ways to get traffic and still have your affiliate sites thrive.

Having your site rank number one for your main keyword is definitely a plus and in most cases it will be your main source of traffic if you can do that. Having more variety is key. Here are some simple traffic generators you can use for your affiliate business.

1) Uploading videos. Video marketing on youtube is very powerful. There are some affiliates that use this as their main source of traffic. The beautiful thing about this is that you can get creative and tell people to click on your link to your site in the side bar.

2) Article marketing. Of course distributing articles will be on any list. It is probably the most common strategy affiliates use to get interested customers to their site other than through the search engines. Keep in mind that article writing is a skill and the better you get at it, the more traffic you will ultimately get.

3) Writing your own eBooks. Here is an uncommon traffic generator. You could write your own eBook that is loaded with great material people will love to read. You can let other marketers in your niche give it out to their visitors for free so you get more traffic then have your link in the book a few times for them to click on.

4) Build a list. Use an opt-in form on your site so that when visitors sign up it will most likely not be the last time they visit. You can automatically send them emails with free tips or tell them you just wrote up a great article.

5) Social network. Sites like twitter, facebook, and myspace are not just used for contacting friends online. They are used for home based businesses as well. You could set up your own account and have backlinks to your site. There are actually a few guides on how to use these sites for great success, twitter especially.

6) Submit to web 2.0 sites. There is not much of a difference between article directories and sites like Squidoo and Hubpages. With the articles you send to these sites you can keep updating them and add different stuff like videos or ads. Squidoo has a page rank of 8 and really helps with your search engine rankings by the way.

You see there are plenty of ways to generate a ton of interested traffic to your site. If you used a few of these techniques then your site probably would not even need search engine traffic to be successful.

Am I saying that you should forget about ranking for google? Heck no. Just try to get more variety. What you really should do is just know about these traffic generators and then think of it as getting the word out about your site.

The thing about using these traffic strategies is that you are also building high quality backlinks to your site which will also increase the search engine rankings of your site. So everything comes together in the end.

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