How Long Before You Start Making Money in the Affiliate Business?


This is a really tough question to answer because everybody seems to want a straight answer. It really all depends on a few factors like…

  • How hard you work
  • What the affiliate product is that you are promoting
  • How fast you get an affiliate site or campaign up
  • How long it takes to get visitors to your site who may be open to buy your product

And you could even say there is some luck involved but I wouldn’t because if you start thinking that success is based on luck then you might not work as hard. Starting out I used to think that but learned it is all about working hard and really know what you are doing.

If you are in a desperate situation and need money now then I would not rely on affiliate marketing to be your only way out unless you are completely broke and there is no way of you getting a job but you have access to the internet.

The fastest and easiest way to start making money is up for debate. The most common ways I think are bum marketing or setting up your own niche wordpress blogs.

So to really make money as fast as you can I would suggest just following the same old strategy of signing up to Clickbank and picking a product to promote.

Then go through the whole process of setting up a successful affiliate site.

Patience is Key

The big problem with affiliate marketers who do not succeed is that they get too anxious. They want everything done yesterday and be able to tell off their boss guilt free.

It is not that simple. Patience is key. You must understand that this is a business and it takes time and effort. You hear it all the time but that is because it deserves to be said more than once.

Do not get too anxious and end up giving up because that affiliate site you set up in one day has not made you rich yet.

If it helps think back to before the internet even existed. When if people wanted to get rich they had to work twice as hard. There was no sitting around all day at your computer just typing away. If you wanted to start a business it had to be on the street and you would have to invest a ton of money.

Obviously this still goes on today and a very small percentage succeed. It is either getting into that 5% or working your way up the corporate ladder to some day be the boss of like a hundred people.

If it makes you feel better just remember that we have it easier. This is a business. If it takes you a year to even start making a few sales a day then that is fine because it is just about all profits.

And to be honest I did not start making a consistent income for almost 2 years of being off and on with my business and then one day it finally clicked.

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