How Some Affiliates Make Six Figures and Others Don’t


It seems to be the most popular milestone among affiliate marketers but over 95% never reach that kind of income. After reading this article you will understand why and how you can get into the 5%.

Honestly you could read all the latest affiliate guides and ebooks that come out and still not make a single commission no matter what claims they make on the sales pages. Although it would probably help motivate you and give you new ideas.

It seems that the only guys who make at least $100,000 a year are those who create these products. But the truth is that despite there being very few marketers that achieve success like this there are a lot of affiliates out there making a ton of money.

It is not out of reach but it does take a lot of time and effort. If you were to get into any other business other than the affiliate business it would be the same thing except maybe not working from home.

If you have made a few affiliate sales or are already making over $1,000 a month then you have already made it past the hard part.

What mainly separates the super affiliates from the average marketers is FOCUS.

It is that simple. The successful marketers started out just like you reading about affiliate marketing and started with 1 or a few affiliate sites and campaigns. Then they really got into to the hard work and achieved. Here are some basic steps you can take to becoming a super affiliate.

  • Improve your preselling. It really is a skill. Think of a good salesman at a retail store. They have people skills. But just because your business is online does not mean you can afford to lack people skills. That is basically what preselling is.
  • Provide great content. Combine your passion with your knowledge on the topic and thrive. This is what presells your visitors so they trust you and feel comfortable with your recommendations.
  • Forget about the money for a second. The successful affiliates had passion for what they were doing. Even guys like the rich jerk. If you are in it for the money your success will be very limited.
  • Get into using tools. Once you have made some commissions invest in some tools like keyword software or an autoresponder.

Here is another idea looking back on the concept of focus. If you want to make money faster then you need to focus on one project at a time.

Too many affiliates and internet marketers alike do not focus on one thing a time. They work on like 7 different projects which could be campaigns or affiliate sites. You need to understand that by doing this you will only complicate things.

It will take longer to see any real money. The result? You give up right before you start completing each project. If you are not experieinced then do not try to be a jack of all trades. It really kills any consistency you had going.

Instead use this approach. If you have already started some projects then choose the one you have the most faith in and work on that until money comes out of it. If you do not have anything going then start a project that you know will become profitable. Just dive right into it and forget about anything else.

To be more specific lets say you have an affiliate site about an interest you have. It could be building muscle, training dogs, or whatever. Focus on the process of building high quality content. Then after you reach about 20 pages start building backlinks.

But make sure you keep updating it with fresh content. Then when the timing is right monetize the sitewith some recommendations and your affiliate links. Just make sure you work hard and have as much focus as you can on that one site. It may be hard to do at first but it takes committment and the rewards will come very fast.

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