Internal Link More Important Than External Link For Increasing Pagerank


here are may be many SEOer Suspected me when look at the title.

The same time, may be more link seller hate me too.

But however, i think i should said the truth. The truth about the relationship betweengoogle Pagerank and site links.

There are many people trying to optimize their website for search engines or pagerank building often focus on researching and obtaining good backlinks on other websites, while ignoring the importance of internal links on their own site. However, they failed for the following reasons:

1. High-quality external Backlinks are Less and less.

2. Your site will be also implicated if one of your exchanged link been punished.

3. Many backlinks which linked to you was NOFOLLOW.

4. Change the hosting, the theme etc can effect on your site pagerank/ Pr.

So, thats mean outbound links effects are not stable, it may boost your pagerank to 5, 6 or more and also possible 0 in just one day.

The Importance of Internal Link Power

The inbound link building is more important than external links for good quality internal links just meet the readers’ habit and, consummate inbound link required integral contents system and Rich contents, all these depending on Constant updating which is just search engines liked.

According to many investigates and Research, google judged internal links for a very important standard, it’s easy for PR3 OR PR4 and better SERPs if you perform a good inbound link building.

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