Reaching the Number One Spot in Google


In order to get the most targeted traffic to your affiliate site the best thing you can do is to reach the number one spot in google for your keyword term.

There may never be a better way for you to get the most interested people to visit your site than by going through one of the most visited sites on the internet. They pretty much control everything.

Millions of people who go shopping online or who want to fix a problem start with google. You need to learn how to train your dog? Go to google. Your car got towed? You can go to google and find the answer for maximum convenience. Man they are great, for the most part.

In order to get a brand new site with a domain name to the number one spot for your main keyword you are targeting you need to build backlinks and create high quality content.

It is very simple to do this. Your content needs to follow some easy guidelines to be well optimized for the google spiders that come and analyze it.

1) Make sure you have a sitemap. If you are using wordpress then go to plugins in your dashboard and search for the plugin XML sitemap. It really takes care of everything and automatically updates the site every time you post.

2) Put your main keyword in the important places. The title, description, and meta tags should all contain your main keyword. Do not spam your keyword just make sure google has a very good idea about your site.

3) Use LSI keywords in your content. This is just a fancy name for keywords that are variations or somehow related to your main keyword. Google would much rather see variety in the actual content than a keyword density of 5% with your main keyword. Try to use 7 different LSI keywords on each page.

4) Use header tags. Google puts a bigger weight on the keywords in your header tags so if you find yourself writing a page or post without a lot of LSIs then use header tags to even it out. Use no more than three header tags for each page.

The trick to on page optimization is to make your content flow while still doing proper keyword placement.

Of course there are some other features google loves to see which is how frequent you update your site. Try to update it with a new page once a week at the very least.

Also do not get into any kind of black hat tricks or strategies. It is very tempting to save time and work by taking short cuts. But if you do not know what you are doing in this area it is best to stay away from it.

To learn more about building backlinks for your site for high rankings read 5 Powerful Link Building Strategies.

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