The Number One Secret of Affiliate Marketing (If You Want to Call it That)


Yes I will explain what I believe is the number one secret in affiliate marketing. It might not be a very kept secret like you might get on a sales page. But it is something that not a lot of affiliate marketers will tell you in the online business.

It is what affiliate marketing is really all about and so many people get lost in get rich quick schemes because of this. Think about the main purpose of what you are trying to do as an affiliate.

You are providing a service. That is right. The main purpose of your affiliate business should be to help people. You should be focusing on one thing only and that is not money. Ironically this is how you make a lot of money which is by focusing on helping people.

The visitors of your sites are the guys who visit your site for a reason. There are millions of people searching online every day for some kind of solution to a problem. Either that or maybe they are just bored.

When someone visits your site you need to know what they are looking for when they first land on your page which is your home page most of the time.

You need to put yourself in the mind of your average visitor. The more you focus on this the more ideas you will get to help them out and ultimately keep them around to take you up on an offer.

Whatever niche you are in chances are there are great affiliate products you could direct them too. But more importantly you help them first by providing rich content that they will find helpful for their situation. Whether that situation is being broke and wanting to learn how to make money from home or needing help learning how to play piano.

Anybody who finds your site is obviously looking for something. So you need to provide it to them right away on the home page. Tell them what your site is about. Explain the benefits and what they will gain from reading your content. Presell them.

Care about them. And for F%$# sake do not view them as money in your bank. Kind of makes you second guess this whole marketing thing doesn’t it?

They read your content and they build trust with you if it is high quality content. Some of you might already be doing this and the problem does not lie in your preselling efforts. But for most affiliates this is always the problem.

Whether you are too lazy or you are too focused on money you will not make a dime until you give your visitors value and care about them. Then they give you value in the form of money. Business is all about trading and the best entreprenuers know that it is the customers first.

That will always be the core philosophy of any big multimillion dollar company. Not so much the philosophy of the small local business owner who complains about not getting any customers.

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