The PPC Marketing Guide for Beginners


PPC marketing is buying traffic by posting ads up on search engines like you see in the picture. The most common program is of course google adwords (man do they control the internet).

PPC stands for pay per click and is big business in the world of internet marketing. There are countless guides on the subject and a bunch of success stories of people who make a great living off of PPC marketing alone.

So why do it? The biggest advantage is to have your website listed on the top search engines without having to go through the work of getting it listed in the organic results. These get a great deal of clicks which is why many marketers (affiliates mostly) post them.

In order to make any kind of money you must have a well rounded landing page and target buying keywords to get traffic that converts very well.

How to Start PPC Campaigns

Before you even start a landing page or a website you must first know what you are targeting for a product as well as the keywords. So of course the first thing you must do is research.

1) Pick your affiliate product. I have always used Clickbank since it is the most convenient. Just head over to the marketplace and pick a great affiliate product while keeping the stats in mind.

Remember though that if your keyword is going to be the product name then you really do not have to fuss over the gravity and all that. I would suggest something that is not too hot but a gravity of at least 50. You do not want a lot of competition.

2) Find buying keywords. Once you have your product you can type in the product name into the google adwords tool and see what is getting searched for. Since the keyword is very specific you can go for keywords that only get about 1,000 searches a month.

3) Sign up for google adwords. If you do not have an account you can sign up right away by going to google and clicking on sign in. Then once you have made an account click on adwords in your account area.

4) Set up your campaign. Go to campaigns and click add new campaign. Now when you are setting it up make sure you set the daily budget low because you do not want to lose money.

Remember you are not completely sure if your visitors will convert to sales. You must always be smart and if the traffic is converting then you can put some more money into it.

There are some other tips to keep in mind when setting up your adwords campaigns like…

  • Use keywords on the website and in the actual ad. This helps with the listings of your ad.
  • Review sites are best for this so make sure you do a great review on a product.
  • Make your ads appealing so they catch the eyes of the searchers. The more clicks you get the higher up your ad will go and the less you will have to spend. This is one of the reasons why I like google because they make it so beginners can succeed without having to spend a lot.

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