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Getting traffic to your website is of course much easier if you have top ranking in search engine results for highly searched keywords. The trick is to get this top ranking in the first place. This will take some effort, time, and patience on your part but it can indeed be done. Here are some tips on how to do this most effectively and with the least amount of pain.

Use A Backlink Network

The foundation of your link building efforts should be to use a link network that can get you some good quality links with very little effort. In some cases, if you pick the right keywords and have an uncommon niche for your site, this may be all that you need. But at the very least, using a system that gives you link automatically will at least be a very good foundation for your additional link building efforts.

Do Some Article Marketing

Article Marketing is the granddaddy of all free link building techniques and it is still highly effective. Write a number of articles to provide information about your website and submit these articles to the major article directories. This way you will get backlinks to your website from each of these directories. This approach takes some work, and you really should submit at least ten articles to the directories. Some people suggest that you should even write and submit fifty or more articles, the more the better.

Do Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking websites can give you one way backlinks if you submit your website URL as a bookmarked site. The more sites you submit to, the more one way links you can get. Sure, it takes a little time to create accounts on each social bookmarking site, but the effort is indeed worthwhile.

Contribute To Forums

Search out forums that are related to your niche. Create an account and put a link to your website in your signature. Then find some posts where you can contribute to the discussion, and you will get a link from your forum signature for each post.

Create Blog Sites

There are numerous free blogging platforms where you can create a free blog and link to your website. You can also create your own blogs on your own domains. If you do that, it is best to consider getting SEO web hosting with separate class C IP addressed for each blog, as this increases the value of links from that blog to your website.

Keep At It And Be Patient

One of the biggest and worst mistakes new webmasters make is expecting instant results from backlink building and SEO efforts. It is well known that getting traffic increases this way will indeed take some time, usually anywhere from two to twelve months depending on your niche. Do not give up! Keep putting in effort to build backlinks to your website and results will indeed come. Just remember, if it were easy then everyone would be able to do it with no effort. The reality is that the top page of Google has limited amount of space, and not everyone will have their site listed on page one. The webmasters who succeed in getting their sites to page one are those webmasters who have put in lots of efficient hard work to get there.

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