What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?


In this article you will learn exactly what backlinks are and why they are all not equal. They will always be the deciding factor in search engine rankings. They can even be more powerful than on page optimization.

Simply put when another site links to yours that is a backlink. The more high quality backlinks you have the more important your site will be to the search engines like google which will sky rocket your sites rankings.

Affiliate marketers and webmasters in general have always struggled with getting high quality backlinks. But do not worry because I will give you guys some of the best link building strategies.

Why Quality is Way Better than Quantity

Obviously you want to get ranked as high up in the search engines as you can for your targeted keywords. So you will always need quality backlinks especially for the more competitive keyword terms.

Every day more and more keywords get competitive to rank for since affiliate marketers want to find the most profitable keywords and squeeze as much money out of them as they can.

But not a lot of them know that the quality of the backlinks they get will always be more powerful than how many the site actually has.

In order to understand what quality backlinks are you must understand page rank. Page rank is how Google ranks each site in their database on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being indexed with no value and 10 being absolutely superior to any site.

How high the page rank of your site is will always be determined by the the “backlink power” your site has. So if there is one thing you must understand about backlinks it is that quality beats quantity.

In another words having one site with a page rank 7 linking to yours is way more powerful than having 10,000 sites all with a page rank 1 linking to yours.

The sites with high page ranks are known as authority sites that are loaded with quality content and have a ton of backlinks. Some examples are…

  • Squidoo with a page rank 8
  • Wikipedia with a page rank 8
  • Youtube with a page rank 9
  • …and of course Google itself with a page rank 10

Keep in mind that there are some other factors that play into the quality of your backlinks like…

  • The relevancy of the site linking to yours. If your site is about dog training then it would be best to get a link from another site about dog training.
  • The anchor text used. The anchor text is the actually words that are hyperlinked to your site. This is part of the reason why article marketing is so effective. It is best to have about half of the anchor text links with just your main keyword in there and the other half with variety.
  • Where the link is exactly. A link that is in the actual context of the page is very powerful while a link in the comments is not so good but still valuable. Also a the link located on the home page is very powerful since that is the page with a high page rank.
  • The age of the site. The older the site is, the more valuable it will be to the search engines.

So you have probably guessed by now that getting high quality backlinks can be a long, tough process. But that is why you do not see authority sites ranking high overnight. It takes time and effort even if you have an incredible link building campaign.

Use these free link building strategies for great success with your affiliate sites rankings.

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