What Are the Best Backlinks You Can Get?


We all know that when it comes to ranking well in the search engines you need backlinks especially for those competitive keywords that take some work to dominate in google.

Even if your website is perfectly optimized for the specific term your chances of rankiing number one are slim considering many sites have already proved themselves.

So what are the best backlinks your site can have to win that number one spot in google? In this article I will explain what you can do to get the most high quality backlinks for your site.

It does not have to be hard getting quality backlinks for google domination. I have talked about how quality backlinks tremendously outweight the quantity.

Remember it is much better to have 10 high quality backlinks than thousands of low quality links. Google and the other guys do not like seeing a ton of low quality backlinks. They would much rather see authority sites that are well established link to your affiliate site.

So without further rambling here is what quality backlinks should have.

  • The site linking to yours should be a high page rank. This is possibly the most important factor that plays into it.
  • What kind of link is it? If it is a comment then it is not that quality but DoFollow blog commenting is powerful.
  • How relevant the site is to yours. If your site is on acne remedies then the best backlinks you could get would be from sites about acne cures but sites based on a broader topic like health is powerful too.
  • What the anchor text is. It would be best to have it be the main keyword you are trying to rank for but it is great to have variations as well.
  • The frequency of your backlink building. Many affiliates overlook this but google likes to see natural link building. Building hundreds of links over the course of a week right after you set the site up can risk getting your site thrown in the sand box (waiting list).
  • If the link is in-context. I think this is the most powerful link you could have which would be in the actual content instead of in a resource box or in the comments. But again they are hard to get.

Ok so you have a much better idea of what great backlinks would be like. The most important question comes up, “How do I get them?”. There are ways of doing this for free but then it might take a while longer depending on the competition of your main keyword.

As long as you follow link building strategies like these with consistency you will see results as fast as you can.

  • Make sure your site deserves those backlinks. This follows the steps to creating a successful affiliate site. You should always make sure your site is ready before getting the word out. You need to have plenty of high quality content before you get high quality backlinks. This way you really up your chances of having other webmasters link to your site for free and everybody actually wants to link to your site.
  • Submit your site to directories. Having your site listed in directories like the open directory will give your site an upper hand. The best free directory is at dmoz.org.
  • Build squidoo lenses. Squidoo has a superior page rank of 8 and you are just going to ignore them? Build great lenses loaded with valuable content and give your site 2 or 3 valuable backlinks from each one.
  • Submit articles to Ezine Articles and Go Articles. What I love about Ezine Articles is that they are the most popular with a page rank of 7. What I love about Go Articles is that you can put your anchor text in the actual content which is more powerful than having it in the resource box which is mandatory at Ezine Articles.
  • Have variety. Doing a little bit of everything is way more powerful than doing just one of these backlink strategies. Trust me I have had sites with more variety get better rankings than sites with nothing but Ezine Articles linking to them.
  • Blog and forum posting. To have more variety you can do this. Although they are not the most quality they do help.

What about getting links from authority sites? They are the best backlinks aren’t they? Of course they are but they are also the hardest to get.

It has become increasingly hard to contact a webmaster of an incredible site related to your site and have them just link to it freely. Those days are pretty much over.

Some alternatives: Keep on trying different webmasters and ask them to check out 1 or 2 great articles you just wrote. Or find sites that do guest posting. Again it is rare but there are some out there.

Or you could just buy them. There are not a lot of services I recommend other than Linkvana. But many webmasters would probably make a great deal with you. Then there is the Warrior Forum. This is the affiliates marketers hang out place.

They always help each other out with incredible deals especially for building the highest quality backlinks. Many of them have been in internet marketing for a long time and know all about it which is why I highly recommend making an account since it is free.

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